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It's the end of September so it's time for another Mailbag episode. Kriss and Dpalm go through listener emails, hot topics and discuss their Pull-List for the month. This month we're doing something special. Because the Super Tuesday shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, etc) are coming back next month, we're doing a big preview show this upcoming Sunday. So send in emails for those. This month, we're focusing mostly on news and the big question is: What is the plan over at Warner Brothers/DC?

Okay we lied, the first question really is how much did the Bumblebee trailer get Dpalm? It's an extra long Mailbag episode that you're not gonna want to miss.


  • Emails
    • Did the Bumblebee trailer get Dpalm?
  • News
  • Pull-List (Not the complete list)
    • DC
      • Batman #55 & #56
      • The Flash #55
      • Detective Comics 
      • Red Hood: The Lost Years
      • Titans #26
    • Marvel
      • Fantastic Four #2
      • Captain America #3
      • Domino Annual #1
      • X-Men Gold
      • X-Men Blue
      • X-Men Red
      • The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
      • Thor #5
      • Darth Vader #21
    • Other
      • Lost Light #24

Kriss and Dpalm record the Mailbag at the end of every month. If you want to send in your own questions and thoughts, email us: Mailbag@MTRNetwork.Net


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