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Kriss, Kev & Sterling discuss Episode 3 of Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us video game. We have a really good discussion about various topics.  We start off reading some of the comments left about the last episode and listener's choices that differed from our own.  Then we talk about the choices we made in this episode.  This episode offers some pretty significant choices.  As with last time, leave a comment on the site if you made a choice different from ours and we'll read it on the next episode. 

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Kriss, Kev & Sterling talk about the last episode of The Wolf Among Us Season 1, Smoke & Mirrors. We talk about the different choices we made during this episode as Bigsby Wolf tries to find out who was behind the murders of Faith and Snow White from Episode 1.

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Kev brings on a bunch of gamers who are among the first to by the PS4 on day one and gets their early impressions on the gaming system.

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