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Time to end 2018 with the final Character Corner subject of 2018: Aquaman. The King of the Seven Seas is getting his first solo film this month and so we're taking a look at the history behind Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. Aquaman is another DC character that has been around since the Golden Age and has seen a lot of drastic changes not only to his origin but his supporting cast as well. He's a character that's struggle to get respect, with many people thinking his only powers are talking to fish and that he's pretty useless outside of water. DC didn't do the character any favors by giving the character the weakness of needing to be in water at least once every hour. All that changed in 1990 when Peter David took over writing Aquaman. First he started by building a foundation for not only Arthur's lineage but also telling the story of how Atlantis became an advanced civilization under the sea. He then takes Arthur on a journey of not only understanding who he is but what it means to be a leader & king. Also, this is where we get the iconic 90's look of Aquaman: Harpoon Handed Aquaman. 

Listen as we break down the early history of Aquaman, a quick run through of the different eras of comic books and then talk about how Peter David brought some respect to Aquaman's name.


  • More Fun Comics #73 - First Appearance of Golden Age Aquaman
  • Adventure Comics #229 - First Appearance of Topo
  • Adventure Comics #260 - First Appearance of Silver Age Aquaman
  • Adventure Comics #269 - First Appearance of Garth/Aqualad
  • Brave & the Bold #28 - Founding member of the Justice League
  • Aquaman #11 - First appearance of Mera
  • Aquaman #18 - Becomes King of Atlantis; Marries Mera
  • Aquaman #23 - Arthur Jr (AquaBaby)
  • Aquaman #29 - First Appearance of Orm/Oceanmaster
  • Aquaman #35 - First Appearance of Black Manta
  • Adventure Comics #452 - Black Manta kills Aquababy
  • Legend of Aquaman Special (Aquaman Special #1) - Rewrote Aquaman's origin post crisis
  • Peter David's Run

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