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We're back to discuss episodes 4 - 7 of Season 2 of The Gifted. This show continues to be the best live action adaptation of the X-Men. They've found a way to make all of their villains sympathetic in some way. We know they're wrong, but we also understand what motivates them. We cover a lot in this discussion:

  • Poetic Justice Reeva: We get to see pre-Inner Circle Reeva and why she is the way she is today
  • Keeping track of our villain agendas: Reeva & Jace...who is more sympathetic?
  • Purifier Jace Turner: He's Jeff Flake
  • Sometimes the crazy mutant is locked up because...they're crazy
  • Esme is definitely going to break away from her sisters
  • Dear Andy...your dick is not your friend
  • What is the Mutant Underground really doing? What is their plan?
  • What is Reeva's plan? Is she trying to create a mutant nation?
  • Are the Morlocks working with the Inner Circle?

If you're not caught up on The Gifted, you need to be. This show is great. Listen to our discussion and let us know what you thought of these episodes!

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