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This week on Black Lightning the pacing is off as the show tries to set up storylines and move various pieces around the board. Khalil is struggling to please Tobias who is still mourning Syonide and carrying out his own nefarious plans. Anissa continues to play Robin Hood, now for a community hospital.

Lynn and Jennifer have the most dynamic storylines. Lynn is experimenting on the pod children and Agent Bill Duke has given her a new partner, Dr. Jace. This doctor specializes in neuropathy and ended up in jail because she illegally experimented on 11 people and they lost their feet. Oh, and one died. So Lynn is working with a mad scientist and her morals are starting to slip.

Jennifer starts sessions with her new therapist, Perenna (guest star Erika Alexander). Perenna has the power to create a reality where Jennifer can process her feelings. Though we only get two scenes of Jennifer's therapy, it's clear that her fear of her powers is also what's causing her powers to go haywire.

And finally, Master Lowry. I'm going to spend as much time as the show did talking about him. He showed up and told Jefferson to clean out his office. The end.

Listen to us discuss all of this and the science of feet falling off on the latest podcast.

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