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Kriss is back with another episode of the Insanity Check to cover this week's dose of insanity in the world. This week he's joined by Rod & Karen from the Black Guy Who Tips.


  • Kids listen to XXXTentacion for the same reason we listened to Tupac when our parents hated him
  • Get off the moral soapbox
  • XXXTentacion's crimes were horrific
  • Why do men get to be redeemed in death while women have everything stick to them?
  • Melania and Ivanka don't need your capes and are part of the problem
  • It's not just the southern border 
  • Republicans are on some Willie Horton shit 24/7 now
  • Rep. Steve King's ridiculously racist reason for not wanting Somali Muslims working in his district
  • Great Moments in White Privilege
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro?

Guest: Rod & Karen

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