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Kriss and Dpalm are irrationally excited about the upcoming Flash War in the Flash comic. The Flash #46 came out today and oh boy...we're ready. Now is the perfect time to catch up on our Wally West Character Corner.

Oh yeah...and then there's episode 21 of The Flash. Not a bad episode. Katee Sackhoff is over-the-top as Amunet but we love it. We definitely wouldn't mind seeing her start the Rogues next season. Also, can we get a little more consistency with Iris and her writing? Does she have a Blog? Is it that Popular? Does she only post like once a month? Come on folks, this is easy to fix. But overall we did like this episode (minus the Council of Harrisons and lack of DeVoe). Can this show land the final two episodes? We hope so.

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