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We are back to discuss the weakest episode of the season.  It was a little message heavy, a little problematic, and not as well acted as it could have been. However, Gambi has a lot of explaining to do-first Tobias and now Lady E?  Hmmm.

In this episode Lynn and Jefferson discover Anissa has powers as she and Jefferson go toe to toe during a rescue mission, Jennifer is betrayed by Khalil, who has jumped on the villain agenda a little too smoothly, and Tobias is not impressed by people bleeding on his floor. Also, a showdown with Lady E has to be on the horizon.


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The Flash is back from break and Kriss & Dpalm disagree on this episode, Subject 9. Both have valid points and it honestly comes down to how seriously the audience is taking The Flash right now. They just haven't lived up to their first two seasons and so if you adjust expectations then the show can still be fun.

The Good:

  • Thank you for addressing how ridiculous it is that the judge didn't question if that was really Devoe
  • While we know Ralph is the last Meta to help Devoe contain all these other powers, it's not like last season where we all knew pretty much how this ends
  • The tone and fun of the episode makes the show better than when its dark
  • Hey...we got The Fiddler on TV

The Bad

  • That southern accent was terrible
  • How did Barry not remember he had a conversation with himself from the future about the cerebral inhibitor?
  • This is a team of scientists, why is everyone so dumb?

What did you think about this episode? Did you like it or did you hate it? If you hated it, what do you think is wrong with the show and how can they fix it? Leave your answers in the comments.

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Kriss & Dpalm are back to review this week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Legends of Tomorrow has been head and shoulders above Arrow and The Flash for a while but nothing makes that more obvious than Wally's appearance in The Curse of the Earth Totem. It felt natural, it was funny and it gave us a side of the character we've been missing ever since he was introduced on The Flash. At this point, CW is missing an opportunity if they don't give us short 5 minute web episodes of Wally & Rip doing funny things throughout history. I mean who didn't love Wally & Rip singing Careless Whisper in 1992 Tokyo? 

And that's not even touching the rest of the episode that gives us a first date between Ava & Sara, the team "stealing" the timeship to go find the earth totem, Blackbeard being a coward, Damien Darkh continuing to be a better villain on this show than Arrow and Ray making a dumb decision that we all understand because they set up him wanting to save Norah episodes ago. This show is just good. Period. It's fun, its consistent and always keeps us guessing full of surprises. 

While Sara takes some private time, the Legends follow a lead on the whereabouts of the Earth Totem and find themselves in 1717 on the hunt for Blackbeard's treasure.