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On this week's Supergirl, we have a case of Kara and Alex being the epitome of the 53% and Mon El joining in as the other half of the Trump supporting squad to break down the door of a sister who was minding her own business and jamming to some 90s tunes. Mon El also gets a CW pep talk from J'onn about his conflicting feelings for Kara and Imra.  Lena also seems to know what the deal is with Samantha, which causes some to wonder...what side will Lena fall on?

On Black Lightning this week, Lady Eve has a heart to heart while it seems she's dissecting/embalming a formerly dead individual who comes back to life.  What you know about that #BlackGirlMagic?  Of course, she had to balance that out with a little bit of an ism, talking to Tobias about being an individual with albinism and being magical.  At the same time, we have Jefferson trying to figure out who is supplying the kids at the school with the pill form of the super soldier serum and Anissa feeling herself while taking on some of those same individuals.

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