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So since coming back from break we’ve been pretty hard on The Flash but Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash put the show back in the right direction. First, the preview for the episode didn’t really do it justice. This episode was more even toned and less campy than The Elongated Knight Rises. Speaking of that, this was the right amount of Ralph Dibny. He wasn’t the center focus like last episode, he wasn’t overbearing but he worked when used. 

There were three big things that worked for us with this episode:

  • While the episode doesn’t focus on Devoe, it begins and ends with Harry drawing the connections. First he’s upset that they don’t have a plan to get Barry out of jail and then at the end he starts drawing the connections between Dwarfstar and how this all can’t be random and has to relate to Devoe’s overall plan. So while Barry is “off the board”, the main story still has connections and moves forward.
  • The focus and heavy lifting was done by the Team Flash members we’ve always cared about. Cecile’s temporary telepathy gave us some good Joe West moments. Harry’s insecurity about not being smart enough to stop Devoe and feeling responsible for Barry being in jail was good as well.
  • Barry and hope. Barry Allen (or any Flash) and their overwhelming need to believe in hope despite all the terrible things that happen to them might seem like a flaw but it’s a key feature of the character and is straight from source material.

We definitely enjoyed this episode. There are still some issues (inconsistencies with Barry’s powers) and the end of the episode with Warden Wolfe should guarantee that Barry has to reveal his identity to the public (but it won’t), but overall, this puts The Flash back on track for us.

The team battle a meta who can shrink anything he touches; Cecile's pregnancy gives her temporary powers.