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CW's shows are back from the winter break and that means that Shanna & The Doctor are here to review not only Supergirl, but the latest addition to CW's superhero lineup, Black Lightning. Both episodes show CW's commitment to super hero content. Having just added Supergirl last season, this season CW is adding even more heroes to the show with the Legion of Superheroes. And Black Lightning represents an entirely different direction with not only lead black characters but black show runners and writers. So how did both episodes turn out? Listen to the full review to find out.

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On Supergirl, Kara languishes in a coma while Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath, No Tomorrow) attempts to help guide her back.  Meanwhile, the DEO works to  develop a plan of attack against Reign, who is bringing her own brand of justice to National City.

On the premiere of Black Lightning, we meet the Pierce family in what has to be the Blackest introduction to a superhero hero in forever!


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