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Mid-Week Mini-Insanity Check content. I wanted to take a minute to comment on some of the things I've been seeing surrounding the white washing of the #MeToo movement. The bottom line is we have to stop using black women for their ideas while refusing to not only give them recognition but support.

I also comment on the Aziz Ansari situation, R Kelly, Bill Cosby and more. Make sure you check out some of the content from Black Women below who can go into way more depth, nuance and are infinitely more qualified to talk about this subject than I am.

Tarana Burke talking about #MeToo

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Shanna from MTR Network & Project Fandom: Your Fav Is Problematic...Yes Him Too


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Phenom is joined by Joi from Black Girl Nerds to talk about the movie Proud Mary. This is a film that really got a raw deal. Screen Gems and Sony didn't bother to really promote the film. They did some really specific, targeted trailers and a billboard or two in "urban areas" but it never got the same treatment that Atomic Blonde or even The Commuter. There were no Thursday viewings for the movie and no advance screenings for critics. It would be easy to dismiss it as "well its just not good" but...neither is The Commuter and that still got promotion.

And in terms of quality and if the film is good or not, Phenom and Joi have a lot to say about that. Short answer: It's worth checking out and Taraji P. Henson deserves a lot better. 

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