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Kingpins & Pen Kings, hosted by Latoya and PhenomBlak, is a podcast focused on separating the rappers from the gangster they portray.  In this episode, we  discuss one of hip hop's most idolized Kingpins, Scarface and we talk about the Pen King who took on that name and gave it new meaning, Brad Jordan aka Scarface.

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Ah, sports heartbreak. We meet again.

One day, a man will rank all of the Atlanta sports losses on some sort of quantifiable scale. His results will be unbiased and meticulously researched, and I reserve the right to beat him to death with a tire iron. For the second time in 11 months, here we are again; me full of misery, processing in front of a microphone and reading listener emails to commiserate - but more usually - mock my pain.


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