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It’s official! We now have a Jace Turner Villain Agenda.

Every time we think that maybe he can be turned to the side of supporting the mutant underground, something terrible happens. Jace's daughter is killed by mutants. After that, Dreamer wipes his memory causing Jace to relive finding out his daughter died. Jace is then forced to watch an entire Sentinel Services team to kill each other.

Jace gone folks.

A lot that happens in these last 3 episodes:

  • Reed finds out that he comes from a long line of mutants including his father
  • Otto Strucker suppressed Reed's x-gene
  • Otto Strucker confirms the generational connections of the x-gene
  • Andy & Lauren’s powers and their connection to the Fenris Twins
  • The Stepford Cuckoos on TV

Listen to our full review and find out why we hope this show comes back for a season 2.

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