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Six months after the Battle in National City and the departure of Mon-El, Supergirl works feverishly to kill the human side of her as a way of coping with her loss.  While the  Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Heros) begins to make moves aimed at building his empire and destroying Lena Luthor.  Meanwhile, a young mother (Odette Annabele, Banshee) discovers a disturbing power and has a horrific dream that appears to connect her to Supergirl and Krypton.

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Welcome back to episode 7 of Secret Sauce! On the show today we start with an article that is focused on empowering young black women to take control of their lives: sexually, physically and emotionally. Then we meet Graeme Seabrook a life coach who wants each of us to take more time to take care of ourselves. She has a virtual retreat coming up called Self Care in Color on October 16th and you are invited! Lastly we listen to a little stand up comedy from the hilarious Janelle James. Her new album Black and Mild is out and you need to own it. Thank you for joining us!!


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