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Leslie from Safety Pin Box is back on the Insanity Check with Kriss to give us an update on Safety Pin Box, white allies not "getting it", Trump's Friday new dump and how to navigate and reconcile wanting radical change but also dealing with the reality of what America is.


  • Safety Pin Box Update
    • Netroots direct action
    • Book deal and navigating the publishing world as black women
    • Expanding Safety Pin Box
  • Daniel Radcliffe tells us racism isn't enough to end a friendship
  • The Friday Trump News Drop
    • Neo-Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka is fired/resigns (but it doesn't matter)
    • Trump signs a memo telling military to ban transgender people
    • Trump pardons Joe Arpaio  
  • Reconciling wanting to end imperalism but also recognizing what the military is for transgender people
  • Joe Arpaio is a terrible human being
  • Yes we would have been better under Hillary Clinton, no we don't think she was our white savior 
  • How do we reconcile wanting radical change but also live in the reality of today?
  • Dems & the Left have an uphill battle because of gerrymandering 
  • What's the balance between activism and dealing with the reality of America and actually getting governing done?
  • Great Moments in White Privilege
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Dr. Zohra Aziza Baccouche is a Ph.D.-level theoretical physicist; one of a very few Black women, let alone blind Black women, theoretical physicists.  
      She's is currently raising funds for her next documentary called "Seeking Vision" and will be a guest on "Molecules & Shit" soon


Leslie - @LeslieMac - Safety Pin Box


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