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Hiroja and the Doctor continue their review of Season 3 of 12 Monkeys with the next 6 episodes:

  • Episode 2 - Guardians
  • Episode 3 - Enemy
  • Episode 4 - Brothers
  • Episode 5 -  Causality
  • Episode 6 - Nature
  • Episode 7 -  Nurture

The Good

The heist portion of Nature was the highlight of these 6 episodes. Once again Jennifer Goines uplifts the show and the season in general. Causality with Christopher Lloyd is the creepiest episode due to a very Children of The Corn vibe throughout. Todd Stashwick (Deacon) is also a standout acting-wise. The acting in general has been very good this season with everyone bringing their A game to the show. 


The Bad

The biggest problem with the show is the lazy writing and changing the rules as they go along. That becomes very apparent in this series of episodes. This shift in writing is dragging the entire season down and is losing all of the good will the show built up with the audience previously. We don't like that Cassie and Cole are keeping the secret of The Witness from the group since it causes more unnecessary problems.

Ramsey Death seems really convenient and the lack of effort on Cole's part to not try to save his " Brother " again speaks to the change in quality writing on the show.

Listen to the whole episode to get our full review.

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