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Shanna & The Doctor are back to recap the latest Supergirl episode, S2E21 Resist.

The Daxamite invasion heralds the return of Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) joining forces with Supergirl, President Marsdin (Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman) and Lillian Luther (Brenda Strong, Desperate Housewives). Meanwhile. Rhea shows she is the ultimate chess master, saving her best secret weapon for last when her plan to unite Lena and Mon El in an intergalactic marriage is foiled.

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The draft lottery is upon us, and the fortunes of WAY too many teams is in the balnace. Plus, we sift through the ashes of the Wizards and try to find a compelling series in the East, while Zaza has emerged as my all time playoff villian - and remember, I'm no Spurs fan. Plus, we've got an MVP of the week who successfully saved America's 5th major sport from disgrace.


  • Draft Lottery Day: Will Henkie be vindicated?
  • Lonzo Ball's family headed where?
  • What is a Markelle Fultz?
  • The world needed Wizards vs Cavs. Thanks for nothing Boston.
  • Zaza dirty as hell.
  • MVP: The man, the myth, the legend, the champ.

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