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Shanna and The Doctor review/discuss Supergirl 2.15 Exodus 

Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain, The Adventures of Lois and Clark) is rescued in an operation that seems too good to be true. Only Mon El seems to be worried about his convenient return, driving a wedge into his new relationship with Kara and pitting family members at odds with each other.

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Get it together Flash. Overall this is a good episode but there are a few things that really stick out that make it hard to get into it. The first and biggest issue is Caitlin keeping a piece of the stone all of the sudden. It's a important plot point this episode and there was no set up for it. And there are a bunch of little things like that that add up. We know that The Flash is better than this and we want them to tighten up the writing because right now they're making unforced errors. 

Oh and Dpalm has a rants about this push for R-rated comic book movies.

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