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So, this was originally scheduled to be a solo podcast, a chance for me to hype up myself for the Falcons big win Sunday*, but when you see Kriss banging on people over sports, you make room for him on the podcast. We talk a great number of things prior to breaking down the game, but make no mistake: this is a Super Bowl preview complete with predictions from friends of the show. Welcome to the John Lewis Bowl. Go Falcons.

*card subject to change


  • Check me out dropping knowledge on the Five Questions Super Bowl roundtable.
  • Saying goodbye to an announcing legend Brent Musburger, while he announces his formal entry into public gambling.
  • Is Ronda done taking Instagram video length knock outs?
  • Serena da gawd.
  • National Signing Day. A little weird, right?
  • Baylor. Again. It gets worse and worse in Waco, and Betty DeVos wants to strip Title IX protections.
  • LeBron has had enough of Chuck's bullshit and so has Kriss.
  • Fuck Tom Brady.
  • Come lose money casually via prop bets! Including my favorite prop bet every year.
  • Over/Under and final score predictions from a host of friends of the show!


Kriss - @insanityreport

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Shanna and The Doctor are joined by Mo from the TV Movie Mistress podcast to discuss Supergirl 2.10 We Can Be Heroes. 

When Kara believes her nemesis Livewire (Brit Morgan, True Blood) has escaped, she sets out to recapture her with her newly trained sidekick Mon El.  However, Guardian appears, and the secrets James, Winn, and Alex have been keeping from her are revealed.  M’gann slips into a coma and is dying, prompting J’onn to examine how far he can extend forgiveness and grace.

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