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We're back with another episode of the Character Corner. This time Kriss & Dpalm step out of their comfort zone and deal with a character (or rather a set of characters) that they don't have a lot of prior knowledge on: Ghost Rider. We cover the original Ghost Rider with Johnny Blaze, then move on to his brother Danny Ketch and then finish with the All-New Ghost Rider that will be appearing in this upcoming season of Agents of SHIELD, Robbie Reyes. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found, researched and read with Ghost Rider and we really think people will enjoy this episode. 


  • Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #1 - First Appearance of Johnny Blaze
  • Ghost Rider Vol. 3 #1 - First Appearance of Danny Ketch
  • Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears
  • Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation
  • Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch
  • Ghost Rider Vol. 6 #20 - 35 - Jason Aaron's run
  • Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire 1 - 6
  • All New Ghost Rider #1 - 12 - First Appearance of Robbie Reyes
  • Ghost Rider Vol. 7  Fear Itself - Alejandra becomes Ghost Rider
  • Ghost Rider Vol. 6 #12 - 13 - Ghost Rider (Blaze) vs The Hulk

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