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We do a dual episode this time to cover Rip Hunter and Vandal Savage as a primer for CW's upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. We talk about how there's some really good stories with Rip Hunter although DC hasn't really used him much lately. Vandal Savage is another story. He seems to be very underused in the comics but has been used fairly well in other media like the animated shows/movies and has a lot of potential in Legends of Tomorrow up against Rip Hunter.

Rip Hunter:

  • Showcase #20- First Appearance
  • 52
  • Booster Gold Volume 2
  • Time Masters: Vanishing Point - Dark Phoenix Saga

Vandal Savage

  • JSA #43 & #45
  • Villains United #5 & #6
  • JSA: Classified #10-13
  • Animated
    • Young Justice
    • Justice League Doom
    • Justice League Unlimited

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