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Kriss & Kev Review the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, "Seeds"

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Kriss & Kev review the latest episode of Almost Human:  You Are Here

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Kev and Phenom get together and discuss Ride Along. Ice Cube, you can do better.

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The Playing Dead is back to cover Season 2 of The Walking Dead videogame by Telltale games.  Kriss, Kev, Rod and Phenom discuss episode 1 of the game and what its like to play as Clementine this season.  We also discuss the change in mechanics and what might be in store for us this season. 

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Phenom, Kev & Kriss review Lone Survivor

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Kev rants about how bad The Legend of Hercules is

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Kriss, Kev & Phenom review the return of Agents of SHIELD, "The Magical Place"

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Kriss, Kev, Phenom and Ashley review Joaquin Phoenix's new movie, Her

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Kriss & Kev review the last two episodes of Almost Human, "Arrhythmia" and "Simon Says"

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Phenom & Kev review 'The Grudge Match'

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Kev & Phenom review The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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Phenom & Kev review The Wolf of Wallstreet

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