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Kriss, Kev & Rod discuss the final episode of the first Season of The Walking Dead video game

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Kriss, Kev, Rod and Karen review the pilot episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

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Kev & Kriss provide commentary for The Passion of the Christ. Listen to their commentary as you watch the movie along with them.

Some highlights:

Never trust the Devil with now eyebrows

Mel Gibson really doesn't like jews

The untold story of Jesus during his party years

Jesus as a wack x-men

Watch with us and enjoy the express trip to hell.  We have cookies and juice

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Kev & Kriss review 'The Family'

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Kriss, Kev, Phenom and Rod talk about episode 4 of season 1 of The Walking Dead Video Game.  We discuss the improved decision making from the last episode and how it seems the actions and behaviors of characters in the game are starting to affect our decision.

Kenny's behavior reaches a breaking point
Ben is a terrible babysitter
More action in this episode
Ben is a younger, dumber version of Kenny
Who came with us at the end

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Kev & Kriss review Riddick

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