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You'd think after Universal FanCon spectacularly crashed and burned, co-founders Robert Butler and Jamie Broadnax would keep a low profile and not say anything. Particularly since every time they speak on the issue, they make it worse. You'd probably think that because you have the intelligence to know that the more you speak the more you make yourself look bad. You probably also have an ounce of shame that's apparently completely absent from anyone involved with ScamCon. Late Monday afternoon, Vulture posted this piece The Story Behind FanCon's Controversial Collapse and it makes everyone involved look even worse. 

First there's Butler inexplicably blaming a "lack of support" from the blerd community as the cause of the collapse and not the fact that he used 80% of the Kickstarter funds as a deposit for the Baltimore Convention Center. Then there's Jamie claiming she's the one who informed the hotels that they couldn't pay their $70,000 bill even though she previously claimed she had no idea how or why the hotels canceled reservations. It quickly becomes clear that Universal FanCon was all about rubbing elbows with celebrities and not building and serving the community.

Listen as Kriss and Phenom break down the audacity of the claims in the article.


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