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So, this was originally scheduled to be a solo podcast, a chance for me to hype up myself for the Falcons big win Sunday*, but when you see Kriss banging on people over sports, you make room for him on the podcast. We talk a great number of things prior to breaking down the game, but make no mistake: this is a Super Bowl preview complete with predictions from friends of the show. Welcome to the John Lewis Bowl. Go Falcons.

*card subject to change


  • Check me out dropping knowledge on the Five Questions Super Bowl roundtable.
  • Saying goodbye to an announcing legend Brent Musburger, while he announces his formal entry into public gambling.
  • Is Ronda done taking Instagram video length knock outs?
  • Serena da gawd.
  • National Signing Day. A little weird, right?
  • Baylor. Again. It gets worse and worse in Waco, and Betty DeVos wants to strip Title IX protections.
  • LeBron has had enough of Chuck's bullshit and so has Kriss.
  • Fuck Tom Brady.
  • Come lose money casually via prop bets! Including my favorite prop bet every year.
  • Over/Under and final score predictions from a host of friends of the show!


Kriss - @insanityreport

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