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The first season of Fox’s The Gifted has come to a close and what a season. If you told me that a X-Men TV show without the actual X-Men with the focus on a family with two mutant children would be the best live action X-Men we’ve ever gotten, I would have called you crazy. But here we are. The entire season was great but the last 3 episodes put the icing on the cake. We find out the Cuckcoos represent the Hellfire Club and plan to fight back by recruiting some of the Mutant Underground. It sets up next season to have a showdown between the two ideologies that are core to the X-Men/Mutant story without having Professor X or Magneto on screen.


  • Andy’s slow turn to the dark side. Darth Andy is here
  • Jace Turner officially goes full villain (and we can’t blame him)
  • Polaris’ bipolar disorder and the way the show hands it
  • The sneaky underhanded nature of the Cuckoos
  • The Reed parents are finally earning their keep
  • One ship is on the rocks but the other heats up
  • Purifiers, a Humanity First hate convention and all the reasons the humans are terrible

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