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Kriss and Dpalm are back to review the latest episode of The Flash (sorry for the delay in getting it out). We really are loving this season and how everything is coming together. This season has been doing a great job of keeping Cicada an interesting and challenging villain while also having the Thawne threat around the corner. And the twist with the second Cicada now has us asking all kinds of questions (Time travel? Another Earth?). Also add into all that the fact that Barry has really become the motivational hero we know him to be (even giving Joe West Black Fatherhood Moment talks back to Joe himself), this has all just been a fun show to watch this season

Oh and we do a quick and short talk of the Endgame trailer because...we have to. Speaking of Endgame, if you want to watch Endgame with the MTR Network crew in LA or in DC, tickets for our private viewings go on sale Monday, March 18th at Noon est. Check Endgame.MTRNetwork.Net for more details.

Barry channels that great Flash motivation to convince Cicada to take the meta human cure. Orlin agrees, Cicada is defeated and everyone lives happily ever after…sike just kidding. Of course it didn’t’ work and now everyone is fucking screwed

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