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Did we really need yet another Laurel Lance? Ugh. Anyway, Fury Rogue isn't a bad episode. Matter of fact, the emotional parts of this episode were pretty good. Earth-X Snart (Leo) has become a bit of a therapist on these shows. He did for Barry and the team what he did for the Legends: Helping them work through some of their emotional scars. It was also nice seeing Caitlyn dealing with losing Killer Frost and Barry breaking down do the feeling that Ralph's death was his fault (it was). The problem is: We just don't care what Devoe is up to anymore. Is he building a bomb? Who cares?

We also talk about the latest issue of The Flash (#45) and the beautiful artwork in it and how excited we are for Flash War. Oh and there's a trailer for Venom. Yeah...that happened.

When Barry needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on an old friend for help - Leo Snart AKA Citizen Cold. Meanwhile, Cisco becomes suspicious of Harry.

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