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Fine, we can be convinced that Ralph & Barry, two cops, were under the influence of bad luck powers and so they didn't know how the meta-cuffs worked. Fine. But what we can't accept is having most of the episode with Barry telling Ralph "killing is wrong" with no sense of self reflection when the last 3 seasons the solution has been to kill the villain. Ralph will take a lot of blame for this episode and where this season went wrong but it's not his fault.

  • They shouldn't have put the character in this position by giving Wally's arc to him. People liked Wally and Wally deserved better. To bring in another character and give them the story Wally should have had makes it hard to like Ralph
  • Even more important, Ralph wasn't wrong this episode. Barry & Iris keep coming up with the same plan and that plan has led to 7 (actually 8) Metas dying. If Ralph had killed Devoe, this would have been over and the show offers no real counterpoint.

We wish this show was written smarter. We wish Barry got back to being smart and a detective and figuring things out. This show still has some great moments, we wish it was just more consistent and felt like the show we loved in Season 1.

Barry and the team find a way into the Thinker's lair; Ralph considers crossing a dangerous line to defeat him; Joe is concerned by Harry's recent behavior.

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