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Either you're in or you're out on Ralph Dibny. That's pretty much the takeaway from The Elongated Knight Rises. If you don't like Ralph, then this campy filler episode is a drag. If you do like him, then this was a nice distraction from the DeVoe storyline which has been pretty dark. We debate whether folks are being too harsh on Ralph because it's not what they expected or if it's just that bad.

One thing we do agree on though is that the scenes with Barry in jail just don't make any sense. Last week Barry was so fast he had a full conversation with Iris in the courtroom that no one saw. This week he's worried about being spotted by cameras in the prison? None of it makes sense and we feel that they could easily solve these issues with simple throwaway lines.

Finally we talk about how the "mystery girl" (It's Dawn Allen folks) fits into the storyline and what it could mean for this season or the next.

Oh and if you're gonna take on Bill Goldberg in prison, use the shank.