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The Flash does a few things this week that give promise for the rest of the season. First, outside of the show, an explanation was given to why Grant wasn't in episode 10 a lot (he was on another set shooting for the Crossover). Giving the explanation plus taking Nora off the board this week shows a little bit better planning than in previous seasons. Also, the use of Officer Jones, a character that's been in the background since last season and we never even really knew his name, also helps create a world that feels more lived in. It was a nice callback and use of an existing character for a larger purpose.

We also really like the use of Killer Frost and her issues with Caitlin helping Cisco with the cure. The differences between Ralph's detective skills and Sherloque's allow for both characters to fill a void but not feel repetitive. And finally, we were worried that last week's episode with more on Thawne would make Cicada feel pointless but the show is still keeping him interesting (well, more deadly than anything else) and we appreciate it.

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