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The Flash continues to correct the wrongs of last season by being fun and taking changes. In episode 5 of season 4, Girls Night Out, the show takes a chance by not only not having Barry in the suit but not even having him use his powers. Instead we get an episode that focuses heavily on the ladies of Team Flash: Iris, Caitlin, Cecile and a special appearance by Arrow's Felicity. But this isn't just a funny filler episode. This episode helps fix some of the show's shortcoming when it comes to Caitlin and Killer Frost. Also, it's great to see Katee Sackoff (Battlestar Galactica) back in action and her character Amunet introduces us to another meta created by The Thinker.

This week to discuss, Kriss is joined by Rod from the Black Guy Who Tips to review and recap the episode. We go on several hilarious tangents and you're not gonna want to miss out. Listen to get our full review and make sure you subscribe to Super Tuesday Recap on iTunes/Stitcher/Google and also follow us on Youtube (MTRNetwork).


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