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The Flash continues to be fun and enjoyable again. The show is correcting a lot of the mistakes from the previous seasons as well as making sure to not stretch out character development. We're really impressed and happy with them not stretching out the issues with Nora & Iris. The episode before this we found out why Nora was so standoffish with Iris and in this episode we get a resolution (at least for now) of those issues. Not only that but it tied back to Iris' issues with her own mother. On the "B-Team" side, we see Cisco putting himself into pain just to help his friend. Oh and Rag Doll was creepy as fuck.

  • They couldn't do comic Rag Doll for the same reason The Boys has to be toned down or we're all going to jail
  • Mama Cecile is the perfect replacement for Papa Joe while Jesse L Martin is on break
  • The friendship of Cisco & Caitlyn
  • The Ralph/Wells Buddy Detective team up
  • Nora learning how awesome her mom is
  • Iris jumped off a building head first to save Barry. They in love love.  

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