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In two powerful episodes that keep up the fantastic pacing this season, we have a well handled Black Lives Matter episode when James is revealed to be Guardian to the cult headed by guest star Chad Lowe.  We got some delicious shade from Lena towards Supergirl, who was acting in typical 53% fashion expecting folks to forgive and forget on her terms.  We also got an episode that reveals not only is Kara's mom still alive, many other Kryptonians including the Dark Kryptonian that was guiding Reign is on Argo City, an experimental enclave designed by Kara's father as a last ditch attempt to save some of this planet.    The planet contains an element that they believe can rewrite Sam's DNA so that Reign is completely obliterated, but her people have become isolationists and want no part of Earth's issues.  The show just continues to get better and better and it's exciting to see what the end of the season will bring.  


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