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Winn's mom comes to town in the wake of his father's death.

Mon El reveals that the third World Killer Pestilence evolves into Blight, who destroyed his future.

Papa J'onzz is still working to adapt to life on Earth while suffering from Martian Alzheimer's.

So here's the deal...the Toyman show was interesting...until it came out that the copycat was just the maintenance woman.  It would have been more interesting if it had been a lost family member like a daughter or a mistress.   I think this episode probably should have been moved elsewhere in the season-coming back off a near three month hiatus made this feel less lackluster for it's first run back.

This was a solid episode, but we are just worried that the CW chose this episode to come back off of hiatus for.  It is no fault of the show-they probably didn't realize when filming they needed to plan for a hiatus.  However, the network probably should have aired this one prior to the hiatus, and then brought us back with the World Killers episode we appear to be getting next week.

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