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Still rocking at a great pace, we bring you two back to back episodes this week.  In Ahmisa, we learn that Fiona was not dead (yet) but instead was being used for her telepathic abilities to control aliens and wreak havoc on National City.  This episode also introduces us to her fine ass fiance Manchester Black (David Ajala, Black Mirror), who comes to town looking for his girlfriend and stumbles onto the Graves' conspiracy.  Kara continues to act out, failing to see the bigger picture, and Alex, who enables this behavior, ends up with a new supervisor in the form of Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones, The Fosters.  James refuses to listen to Nia's voice of reason and becomes the poster boy for xenophobia.  And oh yeah...the Graves get killed, so there is an upside to this episode.

In Parasite Lost, Jensen goes on a spree, sucking powers from aliens and wreaking havoc.  Alex and Colonel Haley find a working rhythm that appears to be producing positive results, James deals with the fallout of his intervention in the Graves' incident, and Kara works with J'onn to investigate an attack on an alien healer.  While this episode was also well done, we still struggle with them placing people of color as the voice of xenophobia.  It is almost as though they want to avoid pointing out the way white people perpetuate bigotry and supremacy, while laying equal blame at the feet of people of color (news flash-there is no equivalent/both sides argument to this).  Of all the episodes, 5 was probably the most disappointing for this reason, but still well done.

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