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Professor Lockwood continues to use his historical logic to justify his bigotry, and it is FRIGHTENING how convincing it can be.  James does the worst undercover job on the planet, and Manchester Black gets his Punisher on.  Also...shout out to April Parker Jones for making sure these writers know that Black folks do Sweet Potato Pies at Thanksgiving (fight me, @ me if you want to), and for reigning in Alex and Kara's "we answer to no one" tendencies.  Lena continues to investigate the harenel properties, which apparently makes individuals or entities invincible, giving her the worst idea on the planet-create supers.  Did she not watch The Incredibles? Finally-COME THROUGH GREAT VALUE DROGON!!!!

Supegirl is the best superhero show on right now-we said it, we mean it, and we can meet on these streets if you want to counter us on it.  While other shows are using throwaway lines to tackle current events, Supergirl is hitting it head on through the storyline.

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