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We are back again and Supergirl is still moving full speed ahead.  From Nia showing the world how to be a proper ally, to Agent Liberty moderating a straight out of Trumpland MAGA style rally, to Jensen broadcasting to the world he was about to take a heel turn, the show has found a way to balance threads of the same story into a seamless narrative.   We learn more about Mercy's connection to Lex, Nia's history and coming out to James, and J'onn investigating the disappearance of Fiona.  James is being a little too much like Van Jones for our liking, and the only drawback is Rhona Mitra doesn't know how to be anyone but Rhona Mitra.   They handled Kara's eternal optimism working against her and the very people she's trying to help masterfully, and the comedic moments in the midst of a heavy episode were well placed.  

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