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We’re back with another season of The Flash. We were disappointed with the end of season 3 of The Flash but we’re confident that season 4 will turn it around. And the first episode, The Flash Reborn, starts off pretty strong. The writers seem to be course correctly out the gate with several of the problems we had last season:

  • Change in Tone – This episode felt more like the beginning of season 1. Last season was too dark and that started from the first episode. Despite Barry sacrificing himself last season, the opening tone is much lighter. Kid Flash and Vibe taking down Peek-a-Boo with Iris running command reminded us of early season 1. And that’s not to say that there weren’t serious moments due to Barry’s absence but there was a good balance
  • Improved Characterizations for Female Characters – Iris filling the Harrison Wells role and running Team Flash finally gives Iris something to do and a purpose beyond being the future Mrs. Allen. Joe and Iris have always been the foundation of Team Flash but Iris has never really had a steady place. We’re hoping that they continue to let her grow into this leadership role even with Barry being back. We even liked the way that Caitlyn was handled this episode. While we’re still nervous about how they handle the Killer Frost persona, in this episode her medical skills and knowledge were put front and center
  • Barry is Finally The Flash –

Now that’s not to say this episode was perfect. We think they rushed the return of Barry a bit. It would have been nice to stretch it out a bit more and see the team of Iris, Wally and Cisco working together more. But overall it was a pretty solid premiere episode.

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