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Our latest review & discussion of The Flash is here. One more episode to go before the season finale of The Flash. While we've been critical of this season, Infantino Street, is a pretty good episode. Bringing back Wentworth Miller's Snart and pairing him up with Barry is always going to be a good for this show. Not only do Miller & Gustin have great chemistry together but their characters are perfect complements. Throw in King Shark and its a great time. Also, in a move that is sure to upset many, Iris's fate was always sealed. While it probably doesn't stick, we still have to give them credit for pulling this move. Dpalm gives a simple explanation as to how to undo this and defeat Savitar.

Also is the show is losing more casual fans because of some of the crazy concepts (i.e. all the time travel)?

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Barry chooses to use any means necessary to save the woman he loves; The Flash turns to Captain Cold for help.


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