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We first start off with: That Black Panther trailer. Kriss and Dpalm talk about why we need to just let people have their fun and excitement for Black Panther. It’s been a long time coming and we deserve to be happy, particularly considering that everything we’ve seen has surpassed our expectations. Even then, it shouldn’t matter if the film is mediocre or not, the historical relevance of this film is already enough to be excited about.

Then we move on to reviewing the actually episode. The Flash so far is back on track this season by focusing on what made the first season so enjoyable: Having Fun. We got some great uses of Barry's powers this episode (taking apart a moving car and stopping each piece of grenade shrapnel). But we also got much better writing for the relationships. Barry and Iris have always had communication issues and with Barry back, we could have gotten another season of stretching that out. Instead the show finally addresses one of the biggest issues from the last 3 seasons and does it in a pretty good way. Plus we get Cisco in the doghouse, Barry's new hi-tech suit and more.

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