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There's been a lot of talk about Hydra Cap and Secret Empire so we decided to look back to how we got here. Steve Rogers didn't just become "a Nazi". There's been an intricate and interesting story being told leading up to the Secret Empire event. Kriss & Dpalm are joined by Justin (3FifsPodcast) and Jeff (Nonstop Culture Podcast) to talk about the lead up to Secret Empire and what's made it a great read so far.


  • All New Captain America #3 - Sin claims Red Skull made up Sam's whole background using the cosmic cube
  • Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill #1 -3
  • Civil War 2
    • Civil War 2: The Oath
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson
    • Issue #13 - Steve sent US Agent after Sam to get the shield back
    • Issue #14 - Steve sets Sam up to fail at saving a hostage
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers
    • Issue #2 - Reveals the new history that Steve believes is his reality
  • Secret Empire

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