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And so it begins. We’re back with our Super Tuesday Recap reviews. First up, Kriss and Dpalm tackle Marvel’s Inhumans. There’s been a lot of talk about this show already and most of it is not good. So is it as bad as the early reviews say? No but…it’s complicated. Dpalm plays the “good cop” on this one while Kriss is “bad cop”. The short answer is, if you’re expecting something on par with other Marvel TV properties  like Agents of SHIELD or Agent Carter, you’re going to be disappointed. But there is potential (as proved by the previews for the rest of the season) and it could be that the pilot was just rushed and wasted too much money on the IMAX cameras. 
So we will be sticking with the show (hey, there’s only 6 more episodes left). Listen to our review and check out what we thought worked and what didn’t and what we think needs to change for this series to turn around. And make sure you’re subscribe to the Super Tuesday Recap podcast on iTunes/Stitcher/Google music to stay up with all our future reviews (Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Star Trek Discovery and more).

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