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Kriss is joined by Shanna who is filling in for Dpalm (Congrats on the wedding) this week for our Arrow Review. This episode, Reversal, shows Oliver switching roles with Felicity. Oliver finds himself as the man on the outside as Felicity and the team work to stop Cayden James who has resurfaced since Felicity helped him escape last season with Helix.
One thing Arrow has worked on the last two seasons is making Oliver Queen grow as a person and a character. We're really seeing that this season, particularly these last two episodes. Oliver has switched from needing the support of Diggle and Felicity to being their support system and helping them the way they helped him. We're still impressed that the show has taken the risk of not just having Oliver out of the suit for these two episodes but having Diggle fully integrated as being the Green Arrow. We know it won't last and that the fall for Diggle (and the whole team) will be rough. But it's still been fun watching them try something new.
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Black Siren launches another attack on Star City just when Oliver has gotten things in order.

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