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We’re back for more Star Trek Discovery Season 1 discussion. This time we’re covering episodes 10 - 12 (Despite Yourself, The Wolf Inside, Vaulting Ambition). First thing first Kriss is out of control. He’s entirely too happy to troll The Doctor over the Ash/Voq reveal. There’s something seriously wrong with him. But there’s a lot to talk about for these three episodes. Star Trek Discovery has been such a joy to watch and these last three episodes will definitely make you want to go back and rewatch the previous episodes. Here are some of the things we discussed:
  • Captain Tilly and Captain Burnham
  • Did Burnham taste Captain Georgiou on Ash’s lips?
  • Sonequa Martin-Green thighs
  • No not Hugh...
  • What does Saru (Kelpien) taste like? Is it good with hot sauce or fried?
  • Lorca’s creepiness has peaked
  • Star Trek Discovery manages to balance old school Star Trek & action
  • Will the show stay in the mirror universe moving forward?
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