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Rampage is exactly what the trailers looked like. There are no surprises here. Is it a good movie? Of course not. Will there be an audience who is satisfied watching it? Yes. You already know if you want to spend money on this or not. Even those who go see it and enjoy it will forget it after a week. It'll blend into the Dwayne Johnson's catalog of bland, easily forgettable and similarly looking films.

We spend a lot of this review talking about the problem with Dwayne Johnson's solo movies and why certain movies of his just aren't good. We also talk about film criticism in general and why film critics need to evolve to also take into account the audiences a film is made for. There's the technical side of film making but there's also the side where a film should be made with the audience in mind. Films should be able to do both but for films like Rampage, there are some that can get away with it (for a weekend at least). 

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