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It's been a crazy week and Justin (@LJay90) from 3FifsPodcast joins Kriss to discuss. Amazingly we have to start off by first saying we're anti-pedophilia, anti-nazi and anti-rape and as crazy as that sounds, this week proves that those are no longer givens. We get into the hot topic of all the men accused of sexual assault in Hollywood, politics and in our lives. Kriss tells the story of why he had to let go of his best friend and we also talk about the craziness of the GOP not distancing themselves from Roy Moore. You won't want to miss.


  • The Agents of Shield Season 5 trailer
  • Disney is trying to take over the world
  • The money that comic book films make is insane
  • The brave women that come forward about sexual assault
  • The GOP choosing party and pedophilia over honor and morals
  • Why Men need to stand up and speak out
  • Kriss tells the story of what happened with a former host of the podcast
  • Fox News thinks Church is the best place to get shot
  • Great Moments in White Privilege
  • Woman ties son to top of mini-van to hold down kiddie pool  

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