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Luke Cage Season 2 is bigger, more emotionally dark and better than Season 1. Season 2 really feels like it takes all the issues with the first season and addresses them to make this more of a black family crime drama than super hero show. And that's a good thing.

A lot of things work for this season:

  • A villain that challenges Luke both physically and mentally
  • The Family First theme of the season
  • Alfre Woodard's transformation with Mariah
  • The comic book teamups (Daughters of the Dragon, Powerman and Iron Fist)
  • The way the music is integrated into season and is important to understanding the themes and scenes
  • Not making Luke the central piece but leaving his character in a really interesting place
  • and more

Check out Kriss' video review as well as the audio review with Kriss & Phenom. We'll be back later with more in depth discussions of this season after it drops on the 22nd of June.


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