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Legends of Tomorrow is such a special show. This show does something that a lot of other shows struggle with. It manages to jump between the silly, fantastical elements and very serious, grounded in reality elements. Witch Hunt bounces between these two tones and elements extremely well. We get a fairy Godmother straight out of a Disney movie from Hell and Mick & Ray getting turned into pigs, mixed in with Zari's very real emotions about her mother and unfair persecution. There's never a dull moment.

We discuss:

  • Unexpected teamups: Ava and Nate teaming up
  • Remembering everyone has a role: Ray makes the comedic jokes, Nate "Natesplains history" and Mick...Mick is grumpy
  • Mick & Constantine bumping heads
  • Who knew a fairy Godmother would be terrifying?
  • Zari can be a problem. How much of her future is going to happen? Is this another Amaya situation?
  • What is coming after Constantine that's so bad that the fairy Godmother would rather be banished to Hell than help him

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